Thomas Cordier, PhD, LPC, D-ICBT has been a Psychotherapist since 2002 and has helped thousands of individuals and families overcome behavioral health disorders using his treatment system.  Dr. Cordier is the Executive Director of New England Center for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Founder of the Cordier Institute / American Center for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy & Training. Author of, Interpersonal Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Treatment System, The 21st Century Recipee for Treatment Success, Nova Scientific 2016 (available Barnes & Nobel/Nova Publishing/Amazon).

Common Questions & Answers

Does this work for ADHD, ADD, Social Anxiety, OCD, behavioral issues at school, Over Achievers?

This is a highly effective method to provide children & adolescents with skills to help overcome the issues. The behavioral interventions that the parents learn are essential when helping a child or adolescent overcome these challenges!

I've raised two other children and I'm a great parent! Do I need to attend Behavioral Parent Training?

Yes, because the needs for your child may be more than what your other children may have needed. What worked for one, may not work for others. Children struggling with Mental Health Issues need to have parents understand the treatment, in order to support it in the home environment. BPT has nothing to do with if you are a "good" parent or "bad" parent, it provides skills, research and behavioral interventions that can be implemented.

I'm too busy to attend BPT , can my child still attend treatment?

Sorry, without parents onboard teaching children these skills does little without the support of parents. Children and adolescents will learn the skills, but if parents are not working the skills as well, treatment will linger, little progress made, and can actually frustrate the child more because parents themselves are not applying the skills. We recommend that you plan to make arrangements for 8 weeks. These 8 weeks are an investment in time with long term skills that can be applied through life. 

When is BPT offered?

​BPT is currently offered on Tuesday nights from 6pm - 8pm. There are times when the seminar goes past 8, that is mostly due to Dr. Cordier's attention to questions that many parents have. We only offer sessions every 8 weeks. If you miss BPT we may suspend treatment until you are able to make arrangements to attend.  We can't emphasize enough the importance of the parents role.

Is Treatment covered by Insurance?

​Not always. You will need to check with our office manager to determine your out of pocket costs. We do a "pay as you go." Insurance may cover all, partial, or none. If we do not accept your insurance we will provide you a sliding scale based on the average deductible - out of pocket costs.

My Child has so many activities and is very social. They don't need to go to group.

Group is also essential to treatment. We can't go to soccer practice, dance class or school. Groups main role is to observe the children or adolescent in a peer setting and to apply the I-CBT skills. Children and adolescents present very different in an individual setting opposed to a group setting.

I don't want my child to learn "bad behaviors" from others in the group.

Our groups are workshops. They will be learning skills and working together to achieve group goals.  Group facilitors manage conversations and content.

My child feels uncomfortable around other children and doesn't want to go.

Emotional Intelligence is key to mental health wellness, it's important that they learn how to work with others and as parent it is important that you support treatment.

How long does treatment last?

This all depends if the family uses (and how well they use) the I-CBT techniques.  For many, it lasts about 20 weeks - however, the treatment is based on step by step building blocks. Individual sessions will go the pace of the child/adolescent. If parents are not using the techniques or supporting treatment it will be less successful and may take longer.  You will work with your Clinician to ensure you are applying correctly and provide support though out the entire process.

My child just needs to talk to someone and they'll feel better?

We provide some elements of talk therapy in order to build trust and repoir. It is important that a child/adolescent trusts their provider.  We focus on I-CBT, so we are an Evidence Based treatment system. You can visit anywhere else to talk, here we do not stray from our treatment system. Consistency is key to our success.

How well does your treatment work?

 Treatment works only as well as you and your child apply the I-CBT skills. In Dr.Cordier's pilot study, which you can read in is first publication, I-CBT Treatment System Models, the recipe for treatment success had a 90% effeciecy, with Depressed Teens with highly significant BDI depression scores,  published by Nova Scientific. However, think of treatment like going to physical therapy; if you rely on the physical therapist to do the work for you, you will not get better. If you practice and apply treatment excercises, the likelihood of success is dramatically increased.

Is this a cure?

No. This is treatment that empowers people to overcome thinking and feelings that prevent people  from living the life they choose. Often, symptoms go away; but there are diagnosis' that a person will have to continue to maintain such as with Bi-Polar, Schizfrenia, ADHD and other types of  disorders.  Our goal is to strengthen neurpathways and re-train the brain to not become overly flooded with emotion.

What type of issues do you treat?

We are the "go to" for many people after a hospital experience, IOP or for area doctors. We will treat Anxiety, Depression, ADHD, Bi-Polar ---- school avoidance, poor behaviors in school, anger management, over achievers...under achievers. 

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