What is Interpersonal Cognitive Behavioral Therapy anyway?  

Depression Treatment

Fantastic! At first I was skeptical, ... my therapist was understanding and a great teacher...when it comes down to it, it's you that can make the greatest change in yourself.  Think rationally, make rational decisions...(and) understand emotional intelligence.  

Young Adult, 2017

Anxiety / Anger Management

I am way less volatile and on the edge of tears or the edge of losing control.   dpressed about my situation. I learned it's not my responsibility to control others and that I don't have to worry or lose sleep or have a fit when people are meant or thoughtless...I learned that I can think differently...  I can go back to challenging my thoughts, feelings about the situation.  I have hope that I can overcome my irrational negative thoughts.  I'm thankful to God for this program and my therapist! 

Adut Female (45)  2015

"I learned that everything you think really is enabling your OCD.  You have to learn ways of understanding rational vs irrational thoughts and learn how to retrain your brain! If you follow those simple rules, you win not OCD!...No matter how bad you feel, one thought can change everything!" 

Young Adult - OCD Champion 2016

Thomas Cordier, PhD, LPC, D-ICBT has been a Psychotherapist since 2002 and has helped thousands of individuals and families overcome behavioral health disorders using his treatment system.  Dr. Cordier is the Executive Director of
American Center for Cognitive Behavioral Treatment & Training, Founder of the Cordier Institute / American Center for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy & Training. Author of, Interpersonal Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Treatment System, The 21st Century Recipe for Treatment Success, Nova Scientific 2016 (available Barnes & Nobel/Nova Publishing/Amazon).

Social Anxiety

My experience at NECBT changed my life by giving me the ability to live again.  Prior to this program, I was afraid and anxious to do anything that was out of my comfort zone.  I now realize how long I have been living irrationaly.  I am able to do new things that I enjoy and have experiences that I was too afraid to try! 


 Interpersonal Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (I-CBT) is an innovative form of therapy that falls under the umbrella term of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). I-CBT was developed by Dr. Thomas A. Cordier. Although the therapy embraces the majority of guidelines and the implementation of CBT, the I-CBT concept also focuses a great deal on the interpersonal skills necessary for patients to maintain wellness and integrate better in society.  Many people mistake that Interpersonal is simply the relationship between the therapist and patient, although this therapeutic alliance is critical, the emotional intelligence is a fundamental key to optimal patient outcomes.  

I-CBT not only serves as a treatment modality but is also a treatment system that coincides with individual treatment, involving various forms of I-CBT groups, behavioral training for parents and specialized treatment for children and adolescents with special needs. I-CBT is also very effective for military members and veterans struggling with PTSD and readjusting to civilian life. The treatment of patients and the training of clinicians using the I-CBT system are universal in that patient treatment and clinician training of the CBT methods are presented in a similar fashion.

Each patient is assigned one-on-one therapy, group therapy, and a variety of other treatments depending upon individual needs. For many, the treatment lasts approximately 16 - 20 weeks, however, the treatment is tailored to each individual patient. When a person is ready to "graduate", their treatment scores have significantly been reduced, in remission, or eliminated.

Contrary to many interpretations of CBT, Cordier believes that therapy cannot be truly effective unless the patient trusts and generally likes his or her therapist. For the first part of therapy, the therapist focuses a great deal on building rapport with the patient. CBT is taught in unison with rapport building through an organized manual that can be learned and understood by patients of all ages. The therapist helps the patient begin to think rationally by first challenging the quick, well-learned irrational thoughts, or “action thoughts,” that cause the patient’s negative emotions and unwarranted behaviors. When the time is deemed appropriate, the therapist begins helping the patient challenge his or her negative core beliefs (developed in childhood and reinforced as the years go on) by discussing and challenging assumptions based upon the patient’s negative core beliefs. Once the patient and therapist are satisfied with the progress that has been made, the patient is “graduated” from the I-CBT program.

Depression / Anxiety

I have been able to understand that my negative core beliefs are no longer applicable to my life.  I feel confident that whatever happens, I can handle it.  and because of that I no longer have to try and control the outcome of difficult relationship moments.  I am much less anxious and sad than when I started here. 

Adult Female (45)  2015

Anxiety Treatment

...in this program, I learned how to change my negative thinking in life to a more positive perspective.  I learned how to handle situations that had become a detriment to my life.  teh most important thing that I have learned in ACBT is that there is always hope for a happier life even in the most negative times... that is the more priceless thing anyone has ever taught me.   

Older Adult, 2016


 Ask yourself this, "Who will be the first person who notices your changes? 

Anxiety Treatment

My therapist was dedicated to my mental well being. He helped me through a lot...ACBT has given me control of my life.  I feel so much better than how I did before starting the program.  before starting therapy here, although I was a little skeptical at first, but looking back it was the best thing I have ever done...I can use these tools to understand myself and others.  I cannot even begin to describe all it has done for me! 

Millenial Male 2015

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A few words of Inspiration for you from our Graduates....

 Are you ready to conquer your behavioral health problems? We get it, you have tried a gazillion therapies, therapists and nothing works...we hear this all the time!  Sometimes life feels as if it is spiraling out of control and as a result, we tend to jump to conclusions without evaluating situations or gathering evidence. Our perception of a situation is the basis of irrational thinking, thinking a thought, and acting poorly.  

Our approach is very different, well structured and designed to make sure you can understand these lifesaving techniques... and we measure your results with Evidence Based assessments to monitor your progress.   Ask yourself this, "Who will be the first person who notices your changes?  - people are often surprised when they hear who!   We have helped thousands overcome their OCD,  Anxiety, PTSD, Depression and more.   We love what we do and we're here to support, listen, teach, and coach your way to feeling good!  

 The American Center for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Treatment can help individuals develop skills to step back, evaluate the situation, and make proper choices before reacting or "overreacting." At NECBT we guide you through your difficulties while providing you the life-long skills to handle just about any situation. As a result, you feel more in control of your life, because you will have the ability to approach situations more calmly and rationally. You will become your own therapist and empower yourself to be able to make more clear-headed decisions, stay calmer and more in control, and ultimately feel better by behaving and reacting more rationally. Call today! 860-430-5515

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