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"When the effective skills of I-CBT (Interpersonal Cognitive Behavioral Treatment) are utilized by the patient and their family during individual treatments, group therapy sessions, are reinforced in the home environment as well as the child's or adolescent's school environment, the result is very encouraging." 

R. Tampi, MD, MS, DFAPA


Dr. Cordier's first textbook publication.  Book explains the issues with mental health treatment, the I-CBT Treatment System and the first pilot study, with a 90% efficacy with teenagers with severe depression.  Available at Nova Publishing, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon and other book retailers around the world.

Thomas Cordier, PhD, LPC, D-ICBT has been a Psychotherapist since 2002 and has helped thousands of individuals and families overcome behavioral health disorders using his treatment system.  Dr. Cordier is the Executive Director of American  Center for Cognitive Behavioral Treatment & Training, Founder of the Cordier Institute / American Center for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy & Training. Author of, Interpersonal Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Treatment System, The 21st Century Recipe for Treatment Success, Nova Scientific 2016 (available Barnes & Nobel/Nova Publishing/Amazon).

 Monthly Schedule P.E.T. 

Child Workshop:  Social/Interpersonal Skills, CBT SKills, Emotional Regulation, Problem Solving, self-esteem building, leadership skills

Young Adult Workshops: Social/Interpersonal Skills Building, Independence Building, communication skills, Problem Solving, Life Transitions, Self Esteem Building, leadership skills

Professional Workshop: CBT Skills,  Interpersonal Skill building, emotional regulation, Interpersonal Relationship Building, Communication skills, leadership skills

ABCs of Controlling Overeating Impulses: Learn how to "CBT" your food and behavioral choices.  Perfect for those undergoing bariatric surgery, weight loss plans, and etc! 


When you change your thinking, you can change your life! Our unique I-CBT treatment program is one of the most effective treatment systems ever designed. Our program combines the latest research in neuroscience and application and  the best of the best evidence based treatment methods, combined into a highly successful model that is only available at NECBT!   

Each patient's individual program is custom tailored to their specific needs and learning style.  Patient's learn life skills such as CBT, EI, and mindfulness that not only help their present situation, but also problems that may present themselves in the future.  Patient's learn how to step back and evaluate their thinking , identify emotions and learn how to control and change their thoughts. Eventually, after practice, the old automatic thought is replaced with the new healthier automatic thoughts. Our treatment is highly structured in order to help you stay on track and work towards your goals of mental health wellness.  Our testing tools help to ensure that you are making real progress.  We've helped thousands overcome their behavioral health issues!

​Our program is affordable with a "pay as you go" and  no large upfront costs. We can work with your insurance company to help you save even more. Where other programs can cost upwards of $5,000 to $12,000 with minimal results, our program is much less!  When you call us we will provide you estimated out of pocket costs. 

​Call us for more information to see if we are a good option for you and receive an estimate regarding your out of pocket costs. 860-430-5515.

​American Center for CBT Treatment & Training

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 The Leader in Cognitive Behavioral Treatment & Training Programs

   Parent Empowerment Training  


Calm your household and put your children on the right path for success.

Learn how in a 6-hour workshop to achieve better behaviors, develop higher levels of Interpersonal skills, and bond with your child with this simple to use with the most advanced and Evidence Based parenting techniques.

Parents of Children ages 3-8. 

`The Interpersonal Cognitive Behavioral Treatment Success" is an outstanding resource that will benefit patients, their families and clinicians who care for individuals with psychiatric symptoms and disorders. My heartiest congratulations to Dr. Tom Cordier for his outstanding effort in developing the I-CBT concept as a viable treatment modality for psychiatric symptoms and disorders.  My kudos to Dr. Cordier in scripting this wonderful book that will be immensely beneficial to so many individuals!                                                                                                                               Rajesh R. Tampi, MD, MS, DFAPA


Ready to Get started? 

Young Adult Treatment

Move forward with life 

Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, Veteran PTSD, OCD, Bi-Polar, Intrusive thoughts, TBI, ADHD/ADD, Anger Management, Stress, Transitions - College Transitions,  Independence Building, Social Anxiety.  

We'll be happy to answer any questions that you have and start you on your journey to a new way of thinking well! 

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 Adult Treatment

Stop the behaviors and thinking that are stopping you! 

Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, Veteran PTSD, OCD, Bi-Polar, Intrusive thoughts, TBI, ADHD/ADD, Anger Management, Stress, Transitions - College Transitions,  Independence Building, Social Anxiety

A Brief Intro to Interpersonal Cognitive Behavioral Treatment, explained by Thomas Cordier, PhD

2016, Presenter for Clinical Advancements in Mental Healthcare, AMHCA

When You Change your Thinking...You can Change your life...

​​​​Child & Adolescent Treatment  

HELP your child to thrive

ADHD/ADD, Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, Panic, Pandis/Pans, Social Anxiety, OCD, ODD, Behavioral Issues, School & Life Transitions, Impulse Control, Low Self Esteem,  Adoption

Ages: 9-18

         Workshops & Seminars for Professionals

Deliver These workshops are for clinical providers looking to improve their patient/client outcomes. Earn a certificate in I-CBT and bring our program to your facility, practice, or organization and makes steps to improve behavioral health quality of care.